Interview: Danny Gokey talks with WI’s

While in Florida earlier this week to perform at the 2012 GOP Convention, Danny Gokey spoke with a Patch correspondent from his home state of Wisconsin. Danny talks about his performance, some career updates, and his evolving thoughts on politics.

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TAMPA, FL — [..] “I’ve never been a student of politics, but my wife and I have differing views, so it has made me really look at what I have always believed,” Gokey told Patch shortly after performing on the floor of the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night. [..] “This is the first time that I’ve really taken a hard look at our system, and I kind of am taking on a more active political viewpoint,” added the country singer from Milwaukee.

As soon as his finished singing his hit song, “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me,” Gokey went on the convention floor to meet and pose for photos with the Wisconsin delegation, including Gov. Scott Walker.

“It was awesome,” he said. “I’m always nervous every time I go on stage, but it was a good kind of nervousness. The crowd was really into it. This my first time at a convention like this, so I’m really like a sponge absorbing it all.”

Gokey said he is talking to several record companies about signing a new deal and is working on a book that will be autobiographical but also will focus on the Sophia’s Heart Foundation, named in honor of his first wife, who died in 2008.